Rotating mooring hook

Guarantees clean hands and hull

Allows one-handed use

Protects your hands

Boatasy GHOOK

3x faster mooring

GHOOK – Mooring has never been easier

The GHOOK boat hook consists of a handle with an inserted rolling wheel for clean and fast transfer of an overgrown lazy line. It can be used alone or together with a tow rope for optimal handling. Due to its simplicity and versatility, it can be utilized by various crew members on different types of boats.

Clean Hands and Deck

With a connected tow rope, the GHOOK boat hook ensures the mooring line can be transferred smoothly at a lower position, under the boat gunwale without touching the boat’s fenders. This prevents mud and shells from falling onto the deck, protecting the crew’s hands and providing a faster mooring experience.

Transfer Up to 3-times Faster

In windy conditions, mooring speed is crucial to prevent drifting, collisions, and injuries, reducing stress. Our GHOOK mooring hook design offers optimal speed and strength, minimizing friction from overgrown ropes. It easily handles algae and shells, accelerating mooring by up to 3 times compared to traditional methods.

1. Resistant G-shape Frame

The shape and material are designed to provide maximum performance. It was purposely produced from plastic to prevent any form of damage to the hull during use.

2. 7 cm (2¾”) Wide Rotating Wheel

The rotating wheel is suitable for mooring lines of any size as well as mooring lines that have become heavily overgrown.

3. Stainless Steel Safety Latch

Safety latch prevents the mooring line from slipping out of it during its transfer

4. Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic handle provides the best grip possible allowing you to use it with one hand only

5. Opening for Optional Rope Extension

Opening allows you to tie on a rope extension to enhance its performance.

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The winner of DAME Special Mention in Amsterdam.

DAME special mention

What our customers think about us

Simple, quick and clean. I attached it to my boat hook to pick it up. Happy also to save time because no need to wash the dec kand fenders after usage.
Bruno, Slovenia
I received it as a gift from my husband. Now I'm happy to use it.
Melania, France
The GHOOK helped me much during transfer of Lazy line. Finally my hands remained clean after this transfer of muddy rope.
Martin, Spain
It is different – finally the acccessory which helps us much during manouvres. Now my wife and I can do this job without much stress. Robert, Italy
It was particularly helpful last time, when we were mooring and it was windy. It was a risk of drifting. GHOOK helped us much to bring the mooring line very quickly to the bow cleat. Rino, Croatia

GHOOK Application
- on different boats -

Boatasy GHOOK

GHOOK as it is

You can use the GHOOK by directly holding onto its ergonomic handle. It's suitable for smaller boats up to 7m.

Boatasy GHOOK

GHOOK with a rope extension

Secure a rope extension to the GHOOK for seamless mooring line transfer beneath the gunwale, ideal for boats larger than 7 meters while avoiding fenders.

GHOOK Plus using a pulley

Utilize the GHOOK independently by threading a rope along the vessel via a pulley, even when assistance isn't available. Ideal for boats with challenging stern-to-bow side passage or vessels featuring a central walkway.


Boatasy GHOOK

Set it

You can use GHOOK together with HOOKLINKER on telescopic boat hook or without it. Pick the lazy line and place on the rotating wheel.


If you have GHOOK connected to Hooklinker after picked the lazy line, you should first disconnect it from the Hooklinker once you have it on the arm distance. After that you should pull the GHOOK in the direction of the mooring cleat while holding the ergonomic handle or tied rope extension.

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