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Boatasy GHOOK

Rotating hook with a tow rope. Boatasy GHOOK helps crew to avoid a slow and dirty transfer of mooring line. User friendly device can be used also by less experienced crew on different types of boats. 

What is included:

–  original Boatasy GHOOK
– 1,5 m of tow rope  

Box dimensions (for 1 piece)

16 cm x 28 cm x 9 cm

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GHOOK – Mooring has never been easier

The GHOOK boat hook consists of a handle with an inserted rolling wheel and a safety latch. Additionally, a tow rope can be adjusted for even easier handling.

Due to its simple use it could be used by different crew members on different type of boats.

Clean Hands and Deck

With a connected tow rope, the mooring line can be transferred at a lower position, under the boat gunwale without any fear of it touching the boat’s fenders.

Mud and shells attached to the mooring line will fall into the water instead of onto the deck. It also protects the crew’s hands and provides a much smoother and speedy mooring experience

Transfer Up to 3-times Faster

The mooring speed is particularly crucial in the case of windy conditions, which can cause drifting, possible collisions, hand injuries – or at the very least – a lot of stress. For that reason the GHOOK mooring hook design is now providing the optimal speed and strength performance. Special attention went into minimizing the friction caused by overgrown ropes. Algae and shells do not present an obstacle to it. Compared to the traditional mooring it accelerates the mooring process by up to 3 times.

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Boatasy GHOOK