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Boat hook for automatic attachment of loop lines

Unique Boat hook for simple onboard handling of dock-lines.


Designed for boaters who are looking for the simplest and fastest way to attach or release the dock-lines from onboard onto a cleat, pylon, bollard or buoy.  Strong for classic push & pull function.

With patented solution

Its patented solution-flexible spring locker inside the tube guarantees simple and fast handling of the loop line. It allows automatic releasment once it is attached on the cleat, pillar, pylon. Pulling the Dockhook, the Loop line is released and connected.

DOCKHOOK is available as Standard model (made of aluminium and plastic, length 220 cm) or as carbon model (light as made of carbon and plastic, length 320 cm).


Simple handling of the loop lines

Supports the use of loops made out of thicker ropes –

Quick and Efficient -Improves docking speed – Safer docking

Enables multifunctional use -For pylon cleat bollard


Extremely long – Up to 320 cm

DOCKHOOK has the unique patented flexible spring locker inside, which guarantees fast attachment and release of the loop lines (lasso) on a cleat, pylon, bollard, or buoy. Suitable also for thicker ropes up to 4 cm and with the length up to 320 cm is ideal for larger boats of 12 meters.
Multifunctional head has been carefully designed to support different solutions once on berth: holding the loop lines (lasso), passing the ropes, pushing away from and pulling towards other objects, piers, lifting things out of the water, etc.
• Improve your docking
• Automatic attachment of loop line
• You can use it for different purposes
• Strong and light

Product specification

Dockhook Carbon
Material: Carbon
Length: 320 cm
Weight: 650g

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Dockhook Carbon​