Ropecleaner is handy cleaner for overgrown rope

Easy to use

Protects hands and ropes

Saves cleaning time

Substitutes traditional cleaning

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A new way of cleaning

The Boatasy Ropecleaner is the new handy cleaner for overgrown ropes. It guarantees effective cleaning of various overgrown marine ropes – mooring and anchor ropes, lazy lines, other underwater ropes, etc. Its compact size makes it easy to store and transport, and can be used on the go without the need for electricity or a water source and in this way substitutes the traditional cleaning of the overgrown ropes.

Efficient for various ropes

You can easily twist the Ropecleaner onto the ropes of different diameters and then push through it. The metal spiral of the Square section has sharpened inner parts, which efficiently cut and remove various shells, corals, and algae. The powerful cleaning quickly breaks down and removes the overgrown and dirt parts, leaving your ropes and lines looking new.

Strong and Fast

Its heavy-duty structure resists as the spiral is made of strong stainless steel. The metal spiral has a Square section of 6 mm and an inner diameter of 32 mm. Particularly designed so that cleaned overgrown parts during usage don’t interfere with the cleaning process. It saves time. A 15-meter-long overgrown line can be cleaned in less than 5 minutes. Compared to traditional cleaning is a few times shorter. Particularly designed in a way, that removed dirt doesn’t interfere with the cleaning process.

Save money and time

In that way, you can avoid a high-cost underwater cleaning service or divers, who dismantle and then fix the rope from the underwater objects and then clean it on the pier with the high-pressure cleaner. You can save also as do not need energy and chemicals in a much shorter time. It`s a clean, environment-friendly solution that completely substitutes cleaning with chemicals or various machines.

Special mention DAME DESIGN Award in Amsterdam.

DAME nomination Ropecleaner
I'm amazed by the Boatasy Ropecleaner! It effortlessly restored my boat's ropes to their original glory. A must-have for any boat owner!"

Janez, Slovenia
The Boatasy Ropecleaner is a game-changer! It made cleaning my boat's ropes a breeze. I highly recommend it for its efficiency and effectiveness.
Nick, France
The ROPECLEANER helped me much. I use it twice per year and my lazy lines remains clean.
Luca, Spain
The Boatasy Ropecleaner exceeded my expectations. It not only cleaned but also extended the lifespan of my boat's ropes. An excellent investment for any sailor! Mauro, Italy
I've tried numerous rope cleaners, but Boatasy's product stands out! It's easy to use and delivers exceptional results. I'm thrilled with how it restored my ropes' appearance and performance. Vladimir, Croatia
4.8 average rating from 224 reviews

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