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The bundle of 2 innovative mooring products GHOOK and HOOKLINKER


GHOOK: Rotating mooring hook for clean and fast mooring line transfer

Its wide rotating wheel effectively and quickly moves it forward without touching the hands or the deck. Operation is done with one hand only, resulting in more stability during passage and dirty parts from the line fall outside the boat directly into the water. ( DAME Design Award at METSTRADE, Amsterdam, Nov 2017).



HOOKLINKER: Boat hook extension with LED Flashlight and snap hook

Unique multifunctional attachment to easily install on the existing boat hook. A snap hook and LED Flashlight in the box guarantee simple and easy onboard solo mooring 24 hours a day to the buoy or ring or together with the GHOOK a clean transfer of the lazy line (mooring).


Together with stainless steel spring snap hook, LED flashlight, and holder for Boatasy GHOOK, it guarantees a complete and quick mooring or docking experience.

Unique accustomed to hold and improve the performance of Boatasy GHOOK.

Now, picking a lazy line from the distant pier with connected GHOOK on it is cleaner, easier and safer. Mooring time is reduced.

You can use it during mooring or docking – on the buoy, ring, etc.. together with the integrated spring snap hook (carabiner).

It could be easily fixed into the flexible holder and disconnected once the ring is connected. A connection is simpler and faster and could be now performed with only one person.

The 12 mm stainless steel spring snap hook (carabiner) is wide enough and guarantees good strength.

Unique with high performance LED flashlight integrated on it improves visibility during the night or in poor visibility, 24 hours a day.

Its shape and weight have been optimised to give the best results.

Hooklinker is light and compact in order for everybody to use it without major efforts directly from the boat deck.

Compared to a standard telescopic hook without it, the job is now simplified and faster.

Moorings and dockings are now done with less stress and efforts, making Hooklinker an ideal solution also for the less-experienced crew or solo sailors.

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